About Bakari

Bakari AG was founded in 2019 to assist in the creation of Web3-driven investment products by bringing real-world assets on-chain. 

We achieve this through partnerships as well as holding strategic equity in regulated financial firms across three continents. We assist clients through these partners and holdings while bringing to the table our deep experience in Web3 infrastructure, risk management and financial structuring.

Web3 Infrastructure

Since 2019, Bakari AG has developed legal, structural and technical solutions supporting security tokens, regulated DeFi Funds and tokenised assets.

Risk Management

By applying fundamental principles of risk management and decision making under uncertainty Bakari has developed coherent and effective risk frameworks for the management of value in a Web3 environment.

Financial Structuring

With extensive structuring experience in Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands, Bakari delivers efficient and appropriate solutions aimed at linking Web3 and the “real world”.