Board of Directors

Ciaran MacDevette

Ciaran specialises in the establishment of blockchain infrastructure for financial institutions. He was instrumental in bringing the first stablecoin-focused mutual fund to market, and has developed supporting infrastructures for the tokenisation of real world assets. Prior to co-founding Bakari AG, Ciaran held quantitative finance roles at AXA and data science roles at Mastercard. He was an Officer in the South African Navy, having studied Mathematical Finance and Natural Science.

Daniel Kimber

Daniel has deep experience in the nuances of legal, regulatory and tax structuring related to the creation of investment vehicles. He has overseen projects coordinating the procurement, valuation, transport and safe custody of physical assets for investment purposes, and has established structural, audit and compliance measures to facilitate financial participation in leading edge technological developments. Before Bakari AG, Daniel invested in and guided startups, where he focused on business development and growth. He maintains seats on the boards of a Non-Profit Organisation and a Health and Wellness company.

Daniel Biesuz

Daniel together with his law firm ILFP Legal Partners specialises in Fintech & Blockchain Projects, Asset Management and related business. He has 15 years of experience in legal, M&A, business development and structuring spheres. Daniel provides strong legal and economic expertise regarding all facets of investments and the structuring of financial transactions.